Let’s partner up for Maine’s future

It’s hard to actually quantify such things, but it’s fair to say that Maine people, by and large, love living and working in Maine. It’s just the way we are. We love Maine’s natural beauty, its heritage, it’s unbelievable work ethic, and a “way of life” that other people in this world are not so fortunate to enjoy.

Very simply, we know Maine’s a special place, and we appreciate what we have.

We also know the challenges our state faces as movement away from manufacturing, and away from “resource based” jobs like forestry, continues. We know that many aspects of this generational change are permanent. But also permanent are the creativity, the ingenuity, the wisdom and the perseverance of our people. Maine people know that we have to plan for the future, rather than dawdle in the past.

Maine Broadband Coalition has formed, and it consists of Maine people ready to build a bright future. We are diverse, with individuals, businesses, public officials, non-profit organizations, and folks from all walks of life. We invite you, perceptive as you are, to join us for one very good reason. Forward thinkers know for sure that Maine should not rank 49th out of our 50 states in terms of Internet speed and quality. We can and will do much better.

An exciting future lies just ahead. In the last year alone, Maine has made great strides forward in analyzing and identifying problems and solutions. Today there are more than thirty bills in front of the Maine Legislature dealing with high-speed Internet and Maine’s economic future. Momentum is on our side. As the speakers in this video make clear, what we need most of all is LEADERSHIP. Luckily, Maine has always been loaded with great leaders. The Maine Broadband Coalition invites you to visit here often as we make the case for building a world-class Internet infrastructure, and a very bright economic future.

CLICK TO VIEW: In 2014, a former technology advisor to the President of the Unites States visited Rockport to talk about Maine’s leadership role in building world-class Internet service.


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