A message received from Cooper, Maine

Maine Broadband Coalition

The Maine Broadband Coalition received a very powerful message from Cooper, Maine. THEY NEED ULTRA HIGH-SPEED INTERNET!

Editor’s Note: The Maine Broadband Coalition (MBC) received this unsolicited e-mail on April 9, 2015. To be clear, our coalition is technology neutral, and believes that technology is a tool to solve problems, not a goal in and of itself. Also, we encourage others to submit information to MBC that contributes in a positive way to a robust dialogue about how to move Maine forward to much better broadband.

“We are the people of Cooper, Maine. Our number includes teachers, students, tradespeople, professionals, healthcare workers, retirees, first responders and fire personnel, town officials, an officer in the State Police—people from all walks of life. And it includes many small businesses.

“For far too many years, we have been promised a real connection to the ‘WWW,’ the Worldwide Web. For us those initials stand for ‘Wireless, Weary, and Wondering.’ Two wireless companies have offered their services to Cooper during that time. One company has received three state grants listing Cooper in its target area to bring wireless Internet access to our entire town and has failed to do so three times. Those few whom these wireless signals could reach have obtained only slow, inconsistent, and expensive Internet connectivity—nothing that can be depended upon for conducting a business or supporting communication with outside services, or even for obtaining minimal news or entertainment.

“We applaud the new Broadband Coalition that is seeking to improve broadband in our state. Let Cooper’s efforts to utilize wireless stand as the example of what does not work. We implore you to lobby the state and others to build a true, robust, future-proof, fiber connection to all Maine homes and businesses. Bring true WWW access to all of Maine and make our state Wireless, Weary, and Wondering No More.”