Bringing Broadband to Maine’s Rural Communities: Insights for Maine from National Success Stories.

Join us on October 25th to hear from broadband success stories from across the country.

Bringing Broadband to Maine’s Rural Communities: Insights for Maine from National Success Stories Sponsored by the Maine Broadband Coalition, CEI and Island Institute

Broadband access is a critical driver of economic growth and prosperity, and necessary for rural Maine’s future. Join us to learn about four rural broadband success stories from around the country. Our speakers are leaders in creating and implementing innovative rural broadband models.  They will share their stories and discuss how they engaged stakeholders, providers, funders, businesses, and state, local and county government to bring broadband to their communities and spur economic growth.

Our speakers include:

Mark Erickson, Economic Development Agency Director for Winthrop, MN, and Board Member of RS Fiber, a Minnesota cooperative that used an innovative business model to expand Fiber to 10 cities and 17 townships in rural Minnesota.

Tim Herwig, District Community Affairs Officer, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (based in Chicago, IL), who helped RS Fiber set up innovative equity financing that leveraged additional debt financing to build out the co-op network.

  • Carole Monroe, CEO, and  Stan Williams, CFO Valley Net Inc., the operations company of EC Fiber in Vermont, a community-owned fiber network of 24-member towns in central Vermont.
  • Danzel Hankinson, a community leader who was instrumental in developing LeverettNet, a fiber network in the town of Leverett, Massachusetts, population 2000.
  • Page Clason, a community leader who was integral in spearheading and overseeing implementation of the first island gigabit network, in Islesboro, Maine, which has just received voter approval for bonding.

Presenters will address challenges and successful strategies for their respective projects regarding:

  •          Community engagement and outreach to potential customers;
  •          Securing contracts and financing;
  •          Overseeing construction and network operations; and
  •           Achieving adoption or subscription rates

Thank you to our partners! The Island Institute and NeighborWorks America